Since 2006, we at MacGregor & Luedeke (formerly MacGregor Literary) have served fiction and nonfiction authors in the general and Christian markets. We represent a range of genres, and we work with award-winning, bestselling authors as well as authors who are making a smaller—but still significant—splash in the market.

Our Five Guiding Principles

  • We assist authors in developing great ideas, expressing them through great writing, and supporting them with a great platform.
  • We encourage authors to think strategically about their books as well as their careers.
  • We value long-term friendships with authors, editors, and publishers.
  • We strive to remain in-step with the changing rhythms of the publishing industry.
  • We long to see lives transformed through the artistry and craft of our authors.

The Company

MacGregor & Luedeke was founded by Chip MacGregor in August 2006. Chip has been a publisher with Time-Warner, a senior editor with a couple of houses, and had worked at another literary agency for several years before deciding to create his own company. From the first day, he wanted the company to help authors think strategically about their careers, whether that was in the type of story, the choice of publisher and venue, or simply the direction the author wanted to move in his or her art.

It’s proven to be a successful formula. Over the past ten years, Chip has done more book deals than any other agent in the United States, according to reporting sources in the industry. The company has focused on specific niche markets — memoir, spirituality, self-help books, Christian and literary fiction, true crime, romance, as well as some specialty projects. He has worked with dozens of bestsellers, sold numerous movie and TV projects, watched authors honored with all variety of writing awards, and has become a voice in the industry for helping authors think long-term about their writing careers.

Now thirteen years old, the agency has represented nearly a thousand books, and Chip’s blog is read regularly by people throughout the industry. And, just as when we began, we’re always on the lookout for books that make a difference.