Holly Lorincz

Holly Lorincz owns Lorincz Literary Services, which employs a highly educated, talented, and hard-working crew of professional book and screenplay editors. She herself is a successful developmental editor, collaborative writer, and award-winning author. Her office is two blocks from an Oregon beach and two steps from a bookstore, three from a coffee shop, four from a brewhouse.

She is well aware she leads the perfect life for a book nerd.

But her hands hurt. She’s written ten books in the past few years, most of them to be released in late 2017 and 2018. She is currently working as a ghostwriter on a two-book deal for St. Martin’s Press and a deal with Amazon Publishing. She’s published two books on writing with Chip MacGregor, president of MacGregor Literary (one of the top five agencies in the U.S.), available in bookstores and on Amazon. Her first general fiction book, Smart Mouth, won a national award (the 2014 Bronze Independent Publishers Book Award) and has been optioned for a TV series. The Stonecutter’s Daughter: A Memoir, and The Everything Girl: A Novel, and How to Survive a Day in Prison (Skyhorse Publishing) are due out fall 2017. Three more collaborative books–one self-help book and two memoirs–are with publishers now.

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