Alina received a Bachelor of Arts in English/Professional Writing with a minor in Business Management from Oakwood University, a Master of Arts in English & Secondary Education from the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) and an Instructional Design/eLearning Certificate from Oregon State University.

Beginning her writing and education career working as a Freshman Composition instructor at UAH, Alina always encouraged her students to have a sense of agency and own their voices through their writing. She continued to pursue her passion working as a secondary English teacher, principal and higher education administrator. 

In 2019, Alina published her debut book, The Color of Beauty: The Life and Work of New York Fashion Icon Ophelia DeVore, which chronicled the life of her grand-aunt Ophelia DeVore, the 1st Black model in the United States. Additionally, she freelances as a writer with Darklight Studios and evaluates standardized writing exams with the Educational Testing Services. 

As a literary agent, Alina is actively looking for nonfiction proposals including memoir, biographies, how-to, elementary & secondary education topics, religion/spirituality, narrative nonfiction, and new perspectives in history, arts & culture.

Alina is smart, upbeat, and a true professional who goes after what she wants. She's carved her own path, and I so admire her for that!

Amanda Luedeke