From her first job in a library, to being the editor-in-chief of her high school literary magazine, to working in four bookstores (and owning one), Elisa has always managed to surround herself with books and writers.

Elisa long dreamed of opening her own bookstore and in 2012, after her wife decreed that no more bookshelves were allowed in their house, she took the leap. Elisa and her bookstore, Another Read Through, quickly became known as champions of local writers and local small publishers, and as community builders. She works toward equity in publishing and in writers’ career development with the nonprofit she is co-launching in 2022, Amplify Writers. She believes that books and writers have important things to say, and she wants to help writers get their work out there, and for readers to find them.

As a reader and as an agent, she is open to most genres, as long as the novel or memoir is well-written, but she is partial to character-heavy stories that tell her something about herself or the world around her. She is hoping specifically to represent marginalized writers and their stories, doing her small part toward equalizing the publishing playing field. She is almost never interested in religious or experimental writing, but is otherwise open to being won over by just about any piece of excellent writing.

For submissions guidelines and to find out what she’s looking for (and not looking for), and whether she’s open for submissions, please check Elisa’s MSWL page: