Amanda Luedeke

May 7, 2020

Let’s Talk About Books and Hollywood


The Gatecrashers Podcast LogoMost authors dream of getting a movie deal for their book. For years, that dream was near-impossible. Sure, the project may get picked up by a production company, but the chances of it making it to screen were small.

And then things changed.

With the rise of streaming services has come a greater need for visual content. Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Video are buying up projects left and right, employing small production companies to do most of the work for them.

Sure, the big deals with big Hollywood companies are still hard to come by, but as Tiger King showed us, selling a project to a streaming service can be just as much of a success as landing a feature film.

So what does the book-to-film process look like? What should authors know?

Listen in as we offer a big-picture look at books, Hollywood, and how to navigate that space.

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