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November 1, 2016

The One Thing You Need… (a guest blog from bestselling author Sheila Gregoire!)


If you want to build your organization and impact people, while also providing at least a little bit of income, you need two things:

  • A newsletter list
  • Something to sell (your book, your online course, even your speaking engagements!)

Okay, technically you need 3 things. You also need people ON your newsletter list.

Seriously, though. That’s it.

Sure, it’s nice to have a blog, and social media can go a long way in helping you build your newsletter list, but the two things that you really need are just a list and a product.

Email still has the greatest return on investment, because emails don’t get lost in the noise the way that social media messages and blog posts do. You deliver your message right to people, and if you’ve targeted those people wisely–then you’ve made a connection that will pay off for everyone!

But let’s face it: Most of us are far more comfortable crafting a talk or writing a book than we are at actually building that email list.

And then there are others who have that email list, but we don’t send people actual emails because we don’t know what to say! And we know we should be creating some products, but we don’t have a clue what to create.

I understand. I’ve been there.

But I’m not there anymore. Today I have an email list with 31,000 people on it. I have five royalty published books and four self-published ones (and one of the self-published ones is my #1 income generator!). I speak dozens of times a year. And I do it all because I learned the principles of how to get my message out online.

This week, I want to share with you a tool that can help you do exactly what I did.

I spent about eight years “in the wilderness”, so to speak. Eight years where I was speaking, but not really building a list. Eight years where I had books coming out, but no real way to tell people about them. Eight years where I was writing a blog, but nobody was really listening.

I don’t want you to spend eight years in the wilderness. I want you to start using your time wisely, doing things that actually produce results, while breaking them down and taking the fear factor out of phrases like:

  • building a newsletter list
  • formatting an ebook for Kindle
  • creating an online course
  • creating a “freebie” to use as a lead magnet
  • And for Pete’s sake what is a “lead magnet” anyway?!?!

Starting today, the Genius Bloggers’ Toolkit is on sale.

It’s $5000 worth of resources for just $97 (yes, you read that right. $5000 worth of ebooks, courses, and printables that are so practical that can help you wherever you’re at right now!)

It really is a crazy 98% off!

And here’s something cool: My “Launch Your Speaking Ministry” ecourse, which is normally $79, is included in the bundle. So if you were planning on getting it anyway, now’s your chance to buy it and then get the whole rest of the bundle for just $18!

So how can the Genius Bloggers’ Toolkit help you?

Let’s say you don’t want to put time and energy into building a great blog–but you do want to publish some ebooks, maybe figure out how to teach an online course (can you really DO that? Yep!), and figure out how to use social media wisely, without it sucking up so much of your time. Here are just a sampling of the resources that can help:

  • The Concise Guide to Blogging for Business Growth can show you how to use Guest posting to grow your list–even if you don’t blog on your own blog!
  • List Building Jumpstart can show you, step-by-step, how to actually get people onto your newsletter list
  • Social Media Marketing Workbook and Planner: How to Master Engagement in 15 Minutes a Day will teach you how to develop a social media strategy
  • Formatting Ebooks for Writers will teach you how to format your ebooks and start to sell them online
  • Ecourse Creation 101 will teach you how to create your own course that you can sell.
  • The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing by ProBlogger will show you, step-by-step, how to have an amazing product launch and how to keep the momentum building
  • Networking Tips to Take Your Business to the Next Level will teach you how to connect with decision makers and grow your reach
  • And, of course, I will teach you how to launch your speaking ministry, get those first few engagements, write that first powerful talk, and generate word of mouth so that the bookings keep coming!

But seriously–those are only eight. Together they’re worth $447. But then there are another 54 courses and books, PLUS $1600 worth of bonuses, for a grand total of $5000.

Just look at some of the bonuses:

  • 3 month free trial to Thinkific, where you can host your online courses (this is what I use!), worth $297
  • 2 months free of ConvertKit (an awesome way to host and send your newsletters!
  • 3000 free pins on BoardBooster (I use this, too!)

And so many more.

And what if you’re a blogger, too?

Well, then you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store!

I’m a seriously hard core professional blogger over at my marriage blog, and let me tell you: I’ve spent the last two weeks devouring all of this information, and I learned so much! A few of the my personal highlights:

  • BloggerRevolution™ Sponsored Content Master Guide:  How to Pitch, Create & Nail Sponsored Content Every Time has me excited to actually start pitching my blog to companies
  • Systematize Your Branding has me excited to try to create the same “look” across my platforms
  • Get Them Excited to Buy: Step-by-Step Guide for Converting Just Looking to Just Bought just has me excited to try this out!
  • And Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook Master Package is what I would have created if I had had the time. It is simply awesome. And it’s everything you need to create what I’ve got–and more!

I know you all want to grow your ministries. That’s why you’re here! And I know you likely feel stuck, and unsure where to go. Everybody online looks like they have all of this success, and you have no idea how to get there.

But there’s really nothing “magical” about all of that success. It’s just using strategies that have been proven to work, and using them consistently. It’s creating goals and breaking them down into bite sized pieces, and moving ahead. It’s just doing something, everyday.

So if you’ve been spinning your wheels, wondering if you’re putting your efforts into the right place, please check out the Genius Bloggers’ Toolkit. It isn’t that often that something this helpful and this amazing comes along, and it’s only here for 7 days. They’re able to sell it so cheaply because they agree that it’s a limited time offer. It will be gone Tuesday, November 1 and midnight EST.

And if you buy it today or tomorrow, you’ll get the early bird special: you’ll get to join the optional twelve-week Master Blogging Class for $50 off ($147 instead of $197)–and I’m one of the panelists! Today and tomorrow you’re also eligible for $100 off the Ph.D. program ($697 instead of $797). The Ph.D. program is in three tracks–and I’m teaching one of them, on book proposals! They only let 12 people in, and they’re expecting those slots to go really quickly. So if you’d like some one on one coaching from me about book proposals, and some help from an amazing group, do check it all out today!

But the regular bundle–it’s just $97. That’s it. But it’s only here until Tuesday, so gobble yours up now!


Sheila Gregoire is a popular speaker, marriage blogger, and the author of seven books, including The Good Girl’s Guide to Great SexShe loves encouraging women in their relationships, both with God and with their husbands, children, and friends. Her passion is for marriage, and she and her husband Keith speak together at marriage outreaches and at FamilyLife Canada marriage conferences. Sheila believes in authenticity, and gives real solutions to the very real and messy problems women, and couples, can face. You can usually find her in Belleville, Ontario, where she homeschools her two teenage daughters and knits. Preferably simultaneously. Find out more about Sheila Wray Gregoire here.



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