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February 7, 2015

Speaking at some upcoming conferences…


People have been asking what conferences I’ll be at this year. I plan to be at the Left Coast Crime conference in Portland, March 12-15. LCC is one of the really fun conferences for fans of mystery and suspense, so if you’re anywhere on the Left Coast, I encourage you to join us. (They’re calling it “Crimelandia” this year, in honor of the TV show that has made Portland famous.) For more info, go here.

Next I’m speaking at the Newport Writers Group out on the Oregon coast Sunday evening, March 15.  (Sorry — no link to that one!)

Then I’ll be at the Faith and Culture Conference in Portland, April 10 & 11. I’ve not been before, but I have long heard good things about it. I’m trying to stick to west coast stuff this year, so I thought it was a good time to participate.

In May I will be speaking to the Portland group of Willamette Writers on Tuesday night, May 5, then I’ll be with the Salem group on Wednesday night, May 13. Bestselling author Leslie Gould is going to join me at the Portland gathering, so that will be fun.

Of course, BEA is coming up in New York at the end of May. That’s one of the best events on the publishing calendar, in my view.

I’ll be speaking at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association in mid-July, up in Seattle. Another good conference, with a great lineup this year. You can find out all about it here.

And I’m scheduled to be at the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland August 7-9, followed by the Oregon Christian Writers Conference in Portland August 10-12.

Finally, I’ll be at the ACFW conference in Dallas, September 17-20 — one of the few times I’m away from the Pacific Northwest in 2015. I’m teaching a couple of workshops, and I have long said this is and RWA are the two best fiction writing conferences in the country. (I normally do RWA, but thought I’d take a break this year.)

So that’s my conference lineup for 2015. There are always lots of other trips in my schedule (to New York, to Nashville, etc), but these are the places you can find me if you want to chat face to face. I look forward to talking.


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