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June 19, 2013

The MacGregor Literary staff writes books…


I thought you’d find it interesting to know that the staff here at MacGregor Literary have a bunch of books on the market. I’ve long said that one of the best things about our agency is that we’re a group of writers — not just editors or dealmakers or marketing types. Writers. That doesn’t make us better than other agencies, but it does make us unique.

Amanda Luedeke is the author of The Extroverted Writer: An Author’s Guide to Marketing and Building a Platform. A lot of writers love Amanda’s wisdom on the topic of marketing on this blog every Thursday, and her book gives authors the tools to develop on online following. It’s very practical and packed with good information.

The Extroverted Writer: An Author's Guide to Marketing and Building a Platform

Holly Lorincz is the author of Smart Mouth, a funny, touching novel about a very shy first-year teacher who is manipulated into coaching the debate team. Think of it as a cross between Glee and Bridget Jones Diary, with great voice, an enduring protagonist, and memories we all have of the horrors of high school.

Smart Mouth

Marie Prys is the coauthor of Faith of the First Ladies, which simply looks at a bunch of our First Ladies, and how their faith and character has helped shape our country (as well as their families). The First Lady’s role has shifted over time, from “national hostess” to “policy influencer,” and nearly every woman in the role has put her own mark on it.

Faith of the First Ladies

And yes, I had a new book release last year, with Bethany House. The title is 40 Ways to get Closer to God, and was simply intended as an examination of my spiritual journey. If someone feels a need to draw close to the Almighty, what does he or she do? What are some things that actually move us in that direction? (Hint: The book talks a lot about doing things for other people, rather than focusing on yourself.)

40 Ways to Get Closer to God

There’s more, of course. Marie and I worked on our “1001 Surprising Things” series, and I have a couple books of card tricks I could share, but for now, these are a good start. Thought you’d appreciate seeing the sort of things we’re creating in our spare time. Literary agents who write… an interesting concept.

(And yes – feel free to purchase a copy of anybody’s book at Amazon or!)

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  • :Donna Marie says:

    So glad you posted this, Chip, ’cause I’ve been meaning to purchase Amanda’s book since she made me aware of “Calibre” (I don’t have an e-reader). I downloaded the software and didn’t order the book! lol

  • Jaime Wright says:

    Ok so THIS is really cool because I’m a dunce when it comes to picking out quality non-fiction and my Masters of Theo. husband gives me hardbacks about 1200 pages on the doctrine of heaven and hell. EEEK. So these might happy mediums and then, no duh, Amanda’s is a must for me. 🙂

  • Lynda Schab says:

    I have The Extroverted Writer and love it! Wonderful resource for any writer!

  • Lenore Buth says:

    So Chip is really Jerry? Who knew?

    As for your theme, I’ve heard you speak and talked with you, Chip. I know you’re a deeply spiritual individual.

  • Rajdeep Paulus says:

    I, for one, think it’s super A to the Mazing that most of MacGregor Lit has published work out there. Cuz writers get writers. 🙂 And all of you have such great “voices.” -raj

    • chipmacgregor says:

      Thanks, Raj. That’s really nice of you to say. (And for those who don’t know, Rajdeep Paulus is herself the author of Swimming Through Clouds, a wonderful YA novel that just released as an ebook with Playlist Fiction.)

    • Rajdeep Paulus says:

      *Blush* [Do brown girls, blush? Of course we do!] :o)
      Thanks, Chip.

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