Chip MacGregor

September 8, 2016

What’s your favorite proposal of all time?


Since it’s our tenth anniversary, I thought I’d pull out a couple of questions I’ve had sitting around for a long time, just because they’ll be fun to explore. SEVERAL people have asked me what my favorite proposal of all time is. Certainly having a romance novel manuscript sent to me wrapped in a thong would be in the top five (a true story, by the way — and I didn’t know if I should touch it, since I wasn’t sure where that thong had been). And getting not just a manuscript, but a box filled with a musical CD, t-shirt, and plush toy about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s little brother remains a highlight (in case you’re wondering, his nose didn’t glow — his tail did… in case Santa wanted to put him in the back of the line and, I don’t know, get a tan or something). Also the time I got a threatening letter from a guy who claimed he and his son were “the two secret witnesses of Revelation,” and had been “sent by God to Chip MacGregor by name, in order to reveal the truth to the world.” (I’m not kidding. The author included a letter that said he expected to see “a sizable advance” and warned me that if I did not, God was going to “send heavenly weather events that will kick your ass.”) This is one of the many reasons I’ve loved having part of my career in the religious market. However, the BEST proposal letter I’ve ever been sent is this one…


Yes, this was sent to me by “The President of the Invisible World,” and her two books were Sex with Angels and Hearing Voices? You’re Not Mentally Ill! (If you read through it, you’ll find the author has written a screenplay to Sex with Angels, though I’m probably not old enough to read the manuscript.)  I’ve always wondered why I needed to contact her before 3 pm… maybe that’s when the meds kick in. 

Okay, so there you have it. My favorite pitches of all time. -Chip

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