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July 20, 2010



Winter 2010 headshot Recently a friend said to me "it must be so cool to get paid to read
manuscripts for a living." I knew then that he really had no idea what
my job entailed. Reading manuscripts and reviewing proposals is an
important part of what I do, of course. But, honestly, it's just the
beginning of what can be a long process.

For me, sometimes reading manuscripts is soothing. It reminds me that
there is always the possibility of finding something fresh, or a
potential perfect fit for an editor, or simply a gem I want to
seriously consider. Other times it's stressful because I wonder how
I'll ever find time to help with another project. But, it ebbs and
flows, and all works out in the process. Publishing is a lot of things,
but one thing it most certainly is is a process.

Sometimes I think writers forget this.

For example, right now I'm working on submitting a project I've been helping an
author shape since January 2009. Yep, you read that right. 18 months of
work. Admittedly the author is a busy mom and works full-time, so it's
been a bit of an off and on process for her. But, I believe in her work
and her message, and I know when the time is right, we'll be ready. For
some authors I represent, patience (on both our parts) is the primary
speed. For others, sometimes, we have to hasten things a bit.

I'd love to hear from some of you who are willing to share how long it
took you to get published. I mean from first submission to book on the
shelf. Just to give some perspective. Anyone willing?

While we wait for your responses, here's a smattering of NEWS for you:

A COUPLE NEWISH BLOGS by a couple editor friends of ours we thought you'd like to check out:

Nick Harrison – Harvest House Publishers Nick Harrison Books
Barbara Scott – Abingdon Press The Roving Editor

CHIP WAS INTERVIEWED last Friday. Here's the link


Susan Page Davis' recently released title THE CRIMSON CIPHER
(Summerside Press) is a Top Pick in Romantic Times Book Reviews' August


Congratulations to several MacGregor Literary authors who have recently finaled in contests:

Kit Wilkinson's PROTECTOR'S HONOR is an RWA Maggie Finalist in the Inspirational Romance category. 

ACFW's Book of the Year Awards have been renamed. Henceforth they will
be called the Carol Awards after Carol Johnson, an editor who played a
big part in helping  create a place for Christian fiction in
publishing. Congratulations to you, Carol. And to the numerous MacGregor Literary authors who are finalists: 

– Historical Novella –
Vickie McDonough – A Breed Apart (Barbour Publishing)
Vickie McDonough – Beloved Enemy (Barbour Publishing)

– Long Contemporary –
Joyce Magnin – The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow (Abingdon Press)
Susan Meissner – White Picket Fences (Waterbrook Press)

– Long Contemporary Romance –
Jenny B. Jones – Just Between You and Me (Thomas Nelson)

– Mystery –
Mindy Starns Clark – Under the Cajun Moon (Harvest House Publishers)
Darlene Franklin – A String of Murders (Heartsong Mysteries)
Janice Thompson writing as Janice Hanna – Pushing up Daisies (Heartsong Mysteries)

– Long Historical –
Siri Mitchell – Love's Pursuit (Bethany House)

– Long Historical Romance-
Janice Thompson writing as Janice Hanna – Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas (Summerside Press)

– Short Contemporary –
Vickie McDonough – A Wagonload of Trouble (Heartsong Presents)

– Short Historical –
Lynette Sowell – All That Glitters (Heartsong Presents)

-Women's Fiction –
Sara Evans & Rachel Hauck – Sweet By and By (Thomas Nelson)

– Young Adult –
Jenny B. Jones – I'm So Sure (Thomas Nelson)
Jenny B. Jones – So Not Happening (Thomas Nelson)

For a complete list of the finalists for the inaugural year of the Carol Awards, go to
The Carol Awards will be presented at ACFW's Conference in
Indianapolis, September 17-20.  If you've been thinking of going but
haven't registered, there's still time to do so here.


-Melanie Dobson is doing another Historical Romance with Summerside Press titled LOVE FINDS YOU IN AMANA, IOWA
-THE THREE MARYS, a new Bible study written by Eva Gibson will released from AMG in 2011
-Harvest House has contracted Poppy Smith to write a marriage book tentatively titled WHY CAN'T HE BE MORE LIKE ME
-Arloa Sutter is working on two Bible studies to accompany THE
INVISIBLE: What the Church can do to Find and Serve the Least of These, her imminently releasing title from Wesleyan Publishing

I noticed something interesting today. Of the top 50 books on CBA's
list of Best Sellers for August, 2010, eleven (22%) of them were
fiction titles. And those eleven were written by seven authors. Like I
said, I just found this interesting …

News? Thoughts? Just let us know …

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