MacGregor & Luedeke is a full-service boutique literary agency, serving authors since 2006. We support our authors in every phase of the process, offering assistance and connections in traditional publishing, marketing, self-publishing, editing, writing, branding, film, and more. This is because we understand that the successful authors of today are the ones who are diversified in their approach.

We work with authors to develop their book ideas, polish their proposals, and then we shop those proposals to publishers big and small. We strive to be present on every marketing call, every publicity check-in, and every discussion between author and publisher. In other words, we don’t just show up when there’s money to be made. We’re there every step of the way.

In addition to these traditional publishing services, we give our authors access to a database of industry professions. These are people we have hand-selected (and in some cases, hired) to help our authors achieve their best in marketing, publicity, editing, web development, and more. Our goal is to educate and then connect our authors with the right professionals who can take them to the next level.