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March 18, 2016

Business Blogging: All the Long Term Benefits That Await You (a guest post)


0EFDQKW84DRunning a website can be a hobby for some people, but for others, it is the ultimate source of income. Whatever the case, you’ll need plenty of good content if you want to attract visitors, and this requires some blogging skills. There are several benefits of blogging for your business and I am going to mention a few in the following paragraphs.

It creates more traffic

High traffic is one of the factors that directly affects your potential for achieving success online. But, how do blog posts help create more traffic? Search engines constantly index websites and their pages, and by actively creating content, you are telling all search engines that your website is active and focused on providing good information for all visitors.

This positively affects your website’s ranking in the search result pages, which in turn helps generate more traffic to your website. Creating quality blog posts with valuable information also increases the chances that people are going to share it on social media websites.

As over a billion people are on social media networks, providing unique engaging content and combining that with various blog promoting techniques can help you drastically increase your website’s traffic.

It creates more leads

It’s not just about having high amounts of traffic; placing the right call to action on your website is essential. Not everyone is going to be a lead, but it is not something that should demotivate you. There is no website in the world that generates 100% leads. It is important to stay persistent and focus on creating high quality content and enticing calls to action.  

The better the content, the higher the chances that you are going to get people to spend more time on your website. This will increase their exposure to various calls to action and offers, while at the same time increasing the visitors faith in your expertise, turning a good deal of them into customers.

It is important to set goals, and use various metric tools to give you a clear picture of the steps you could take to increase leads.

It builds trust

There are many questions that your visitors might have, and giving correct information and helping these people is something that greatly pays off in the long run. Focusing on the community and providing your target audience with explanations, tips and insider information that they cannot get anywhere else helps build trust and loyalty.

It all adds up

Even though content marketing doesn’t show serious results at first, as the number of posts increases, the traffic increases noticeably as well. It is very important to create content that can stand the test of time and be useful even 5-6 years down the road. So, don’t just focus on writing about trending topics that are soon forgotten, but prepare some evergreen content like big guides and tutorials.   

This slowly adds up, because every post you create is indexed by search engines, and you never know when people are going to be led to your blog post. At one point, you are going to come to a situation when older content is going to be responsible for over 70% of all traffic on your site, beating out your latest topical posts.

These are the main benefits of business blogging. It is fair to say that the best way to bring organic traffic is by creating fresh, unique and incredibly informative blogging content. So, the next time you are thinking about marketing options, seriously consider putting more effort into your website’s blog.


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