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June 29, 2010



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With a lot of general market editors at the  Library Convention and CBA editors (and Chip) off at ICRS, it's been quiet around here. Or as quiet as it can be when you work from home, have decided to finally prepare your office for re-flooring, and kids are around begging for food, rides, friends, screen time, food, chores (yes, they beg for chores – when the word "bored" leaves their lips that's what I hear) and food. 

We're pulling together a kids book swap in the neighborhood next week – it's encouraging that though we're in a neighborhood rich with pre-teen boys, they are all avid readers. I'm looking forward to hearing the discussions these guys have about their favorite authors — they get SO passionate about everything at this age. Personally, I've just started reading LITTLE BEE by Chris Cleave. Just into it, but I think it's going to be a gripper. 

I'm also working hard to get through submissions – some I've held on for way too long, admittedly. It's hard for me to admit I simply can't take on everything, but I'm coming around. It is nice that we now have Amanda on board to take a look at projects as well, though she's received over 500 submissions since we announced adding her to our staff. Obviously she's going to be slow in getting back to folks, so y'all be patient, k?

At this point I'm reading submissions from about three months back. If you've not heard from me and I'd offered to take a look (spare me, please, if you sent me a query beginning "Dear Agent," or some other randomness and are wondering why I haven't bothered to answer you ) please feel free to write me and check in. It could be that I've decided to decline your work but didn't have the common decency to let you know about my decision (sorry, it happens though I do try to make sure it doesn't) or that I'm still thinking about it (that happens too).

Aside from the relative quiet, carpepping, great submission catch-up, and summer reading frenzy going on around here, there is a bit of other news.


Congratulations to ALL the winners (and to the nominees, for that matter). And a big WOO-HOO to MacGregor Literary author Lisa Samson for her inspiring keynote address at the award event AND for winning in the Contemporary Standalone category for her book THE PASSION OF MARY-MARGARET (Thomas Nelson). 


Chip represented us at ICRS this year where he found virtually no candidates for his annual Jesus Junk awards. Told me today that the selection of Christian Kitsch was rather abysmal, actually. Once he recovers from the crushing disappointment he'll be sharing more about ICRS. Keep an eye out (what an odd expression that is…) for his post.

ACFW registration is in full swing. If you're a Christian fiction author (or a fiction author who is a Christian) and haven't registered, don't delay. It's a very well organized and effective conference. Chip, I, and Amanda will all be there this year. Being organized and effective, no doubt.

Chip, Sandra, and Amanda are also looking forward to representing the agency in full force at the Oregon Christian Writer's Conference directed by our very own Pat Rushford and keynoted by Bill Myers and Jeff Gerke. 

Sandra has recently agreed to join faculty at the Wesleyan Conference in Indianapolis in November 2010, and the Florida Christian Writers Conference in March, 2011.


July 23rd – 24th, Lisa Samson and Susan Meissner will be presenting the next Master Seminar: Adding Depth to Fiction 2 at Lisa's Lexington, Kentucky tea cafe, Cuppa. Don't miss out on your opportunity to learn from these skilled and talented writers.


Irene Hannon's IN HARMS WAY (Revell) remains on the top twenty list of CBA best selling fiction titles.

Jay Payleitner (52 THINGS KIDS NEED FROM A DAD, Harvest House) and Carla Stewart (CHASING LILACS, FaithWords) were both popular stops at ICRS – their books ran out before their signatures did. Way to go, you two.

So fun to see Carla's book displayed front and center at Barnes & Noble. A great summer read, for sure.

So, tell me, what are you reading this summer?

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