Chip MacGregor

October 22, 2010

They say I'll be dancing again very soon …


Calvin and Hobbes Happy Dance Seriously.

So many people have written to ask about me; wondering how my back is, specifically. Thanks. It makes me want to do the happy dance, knowing that people have been concerned, and especially to know that people have been praying for me while I've been recovering from what we are now referring to as the "sweater incident."

I spent the first week essentially horizontal, drugged up, and wiped out. 

Last week I was working on getting vertical again, but still on meds. I had some pretty good stretches of time when I felt capable of getting back to work, but I'll admit, I had a hard time finding the drive. That's when my mother reminded me that the brain is a muscle, too. I tried to take that as permission to not engage in too many projects requiring mental heavy lifting.

I think it was Tuesday of this week  that I began to realize just  how far behind I'd gotten on promised submissions, returned phone calls, mail, email, and bookkeeping. And that injuring oneself not long after being out of the office for a week-long conference is havoc on the follow up.

But now I'm feeling much better, playing a pretty solid round of catch up, and happy to say that I think I'm done whining. 

Pretty sure my family and clients are happy about that too.

Just thought you'd like to know…



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