Our agents are professionals with industry insight into what needs to be done to take a book from idea to bookstore shelf. We perform a range of tasks, including offering editorial guidance, establishing contacts with editors and publishers, explaining the language of contracts and negotiating contract terms, and selling the rights to your work. We value our long term friendships with authors, editors and publishers, and we believe in the value of the books we shepherd through the publishing process.

  • Chip MacGregor – President

    When he was in first grade, Chip hurried home one day and announced to his mother, “When I grow up, I’m going to be a book guy!” He clearly could see the future —from high school literary magazine editor to writing bestselling books, from speaking at writing and publishing conferences to representing renowned writers, Chip MacGregor is a book guy.

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  • literary agent amanda luedeke

    Amanda Luedeke – Vice President

    Amanda Luedeke (LEE-duh-key) wrote her first book – a picture book entitled A Cat – when she was 5 years old. Though the scintillating masterpiece never made it to bookstore shelves, it solidified her dream to one day work in the book industry.

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  • Alina Mitchell – Agent

    Alina Mitchell discovered her love for books in elementary school when she realized it opened up a world full of adventure and wonder beyond her wildest dreams. The timeless gift of storytelling and the power that one book can have simply enamored her, and she always knew she would work in the book industry one day.

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