April 14, 2021

Meet Alina Mitchell, Literary Agent!


We are thrilled to announce that educator and author Alina Mitchell has joined our literary agent team!

Alina is no stranger to our agency. For a few years, she worked with Amanda Luedeke to sell the rights to her book about her great-aunt, fashion icon Ophelia DeVore. Though the book didn’t land, Alina knew that she had something special. She self-published the book and went on to sell audio rights. Soon after, she attracted the attention of a film production company.

We love her hustle. We love her never-give-up approach, but we also love her positive spirit and ability to dig in and do the hard work.

Welcome, Alina!


Alina Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Arts in English/Professional Writing with a minor in Business Management from Oakwood University, a Master of Arts in English & Secondary Education from the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) and an Instructional Design/eLearning Certificate from Oregon State University.

She has worked as a secondary English teacher, a principal, and a higher education administrator. She currently freelances as a writer with Darklight Studios and evaluates standardized writing exams with the Educational Testing Services.

Alina is actively looking for nonfiction proposals including memoir, biographies, how-to, elementary & secondary education topics, religion/spirituality, narrative nonfiction, and new perspectives in history, arts & culture.

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